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Sunday, May 3, 2015

Deeni Camp Scheduled in Dharamkatta from 3rd to 5th May 2015 for High School Students

Friday, April 17, 2015

The ongoing reservation topic in Karnataka : A significant one

The ongoing reservation topic in Karnataka :

After receiving lot of queries from different brothers, one of our dedicated Musaddiqeen Bhai M Khan ( Wing Commander) initiated discussion of open points with some experienced brothers.

The following position has emerged, Muslims are classsified by the govt on the basis of :
(1) Firqe
(2) Brotheri-Syed,sheikh, Pathan,ar.
Mughal etc.
(3) Professions. 
All three are different hence cannot be combined.

National Commission for Backward Classes had removed Firqe and Brotheri, therving entire Muslims in 1999.
If we don't highlight the reclassification, them it will be easy for NCBC to remove them again. 

NCBC Member who came in Feb. and discussed in Minority Commission cleared their stand that total Muslim cannot be given reservation by NCBC.
There is no need to put only in Caste as Muslims as their strength is known from their religion as it is for others. Effort to get reservation for all Muslims got failed in 1999.

Request our Musaddiqeen especially from Wing Commamder M Khan who is continuously striving to create the right understanding amongst people of all sects that Please spread this clear message to all Brothers immediately. 

For any query on this topic, reach out at:

Janab Wing Commander M Khan Saheb

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Clarification of Confusion w.r.t Mehdavia Community in ongoing Socio Economic Survey by the GoK

Bangalore 12 April 2015: Dear Brothers & Sisters in Faith As salamu alaikum Rahmathullahi wa Barakatahu.  We were getting lots of queries w.r.t to the ongoing socio economic Survey which is been done by the Govt.

We had a quick telemeeting with Mrs. Balkhees Banu, Chairman- Karnataka State Minority Commission & Mr. SYM Masood Faujdar, Chairman, Karnataka Minority Development Corporation  to get a final clarification on this issue.  We also spoke to Wing Commander M Khan and got his version too.

After taking inputs from all the above and referring to the survey documents we arrived at the following final codes which needs to be entered in the survey forms.

Here are the final codes to enter in survey forms:
5: '02' (Islam)
6: '0821'(Mehdavi Muslim)
7: 'X' ( as there is no sub caste system in us)
8: 'X' (as we are not putting anything in Column No.7)
10: '03' (Urdu)

Please Note:This is the final and authentic coding, Please dont get confused, with any other messages.

It is heartening & shameful to note that few people are calling themselves 'Darvesh', 'Jhulas' etc just to take advantages of worldly affairs even though they have renounced worldly desires. This will negate the renouncement of world if they call themselves 'Darvesh', and they are answerable before Allah for this act. A Mehdavi should and must enter only Mehdavi if he is the follower of Hz. Syed Mohammed Mehdi Maud Juanpuri alaihis salam. Allahu Aalam.

Warm regards.
Inayath Ulla Khan
Mehdavia Times Welfare Trust.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Karnataka me Backward survey 11 April se Shuru hokar 30 April 20 Khatam hoga..

Few Tips along with the list of Muslims given as example for entering in Backward Survey of Karnataka - by Mohamood Khan Wing Commander (Retd)

Where to enter Firqa & Brotheri is not mentioned. Hence they may be entered in Caste &Sub-caste columns respectively. If Enumerator denies, ask him where to enter these as they are in the list? He is to solve this problem. This is not FINAL List. Any other Firqa/Brotheri/Profession being followed or followed by their ancestors are also to be entered honestly without any hesitation. This spelling is to be written always. Note down Name & Code Numbers for future references. 

It is right time to understand as to how much Muslims lost in last 1994 reservation as Muslim and other professions in Category 1 & 11 A, when for only Chapperband the word Muslim was written in Cat-1. The Tahsildars did not issue to very many Professions followed by Muslims along with Non-Muslims by saying that only Chapper Band is Muslim. Further, they said that since the Muslims are not included in the list of Sample Survey done by Sri. Chinnappa Reddy Commission, no certificate can be issued. 

With long fight with Govt., Social Welfare Dept issued a list of 17 Professions in Cat-1, which is equal to SC & 18 in Cat-11A, in 2008 only saying that in these Professions Muslims are also included. This resulted into a loss of hundreds of Jobs and Educational seats for Muslims for 14 years. Secondly, for reservation under Central OBC a case for giving reservation to Muslims as given by State was taken up but the National Commission for Backward Classes splitted Muslims into Brotheri and eliminated Syed, Sheikh, Pathan & Mughal who are available in entire Maslaks/Firqas/Brotheri thereby eliminating the entire Muslims. In order to make sure that no Muslim gets this reservation they also eliminated Kutchi Memon, Navayete, Bohra, Mahdavi, Konkani/Jamayete Muslims. They succeeded in their plan as no one has got this backward certificate except one since 1999 till date. If the population figures for all Firqa and Sects as mentioned were available in Shri. Chinnappa Reddy Commission Report they would have not eliminated all of us. By this they have stopped recruitment of Muslims by not giving on par with other non-Muslim Communities of Karnataka, thereby denying reservation in  IAS, IPS,IFS, Central Doctors, Engineers, Lecturers, all other Officers and Seats in All Central Colleges and Universities. This loss is continuing. National Commission has not furnished a list of Muslims who are actually entitled to reservation given in Central OBC to the State Govt and Muslim Organisations till today. 

The State Govt, therefore want to rectify the injustice done to Muslims both in State and Centre, based on our representations, wants to collect the population of Muslims in Firqe, Brotheri and Professions of all kinds being followed and hence they have included them in their list with code numbers. More over the Govt. cannot include all Muslims in the list of reservation in Cat-1 and also in Central OBC, except as mentioned above and  as done for all non-Muslim Cates/Sub-Castes in Cat-1 and Central OBC. Should we list them out in Caste and Sub-Caste  columns as suggested above or NOT? 

By the grace of Allah SWT the unity amongst all Maslaks, Firqa, Brotheri is already existing in Karnataka since 1995 onwards where their Religious Leaders sit together on one table to discuss Muslim Problems under Muttahida Mahaz, Milli Council and Sada-e-Ittehad. If you are convinced that all Muslims as per their Firqa, Brotheri & Professions should also be listed over and above Muslims, then spread this message to all houses of Muslims through your own ways, through Masajid, e-mails, WhatsApp, Face Books, through Volunteers and self etc. as quickly as possible. Fr any doubts please contact us on  9845811997. 



1. ATARI / ATTARI– Code-No. 0059, 25. KASBIN- 0587, 49. PEER / PIR-1013,
2. ATHARI- 0061, 26. KASSAB- 0589, 50. PENDAR-1015,
3. BAIG- 0085---Brotheri, 27. KHADIM- 0603, 51. PESHIMAM-1016,
4. BANGI- 0119, 28. KHAKAR-0604, 52. PHOOLARI / PHULARI-1019,
6. DAVERAWALE (DAIREWALE)-0276, 30. KHASAB - 0608, 54. PHULMALI- 1023,
7. DARJI-  0263, 31. LABBE -0727, 55. PINJAR / PINJARA-1031,
8. DARVESU- 0265, 32. LADAF -0730, 56. PINJARI-1033,
9. DHOBI- 0297, 33. LOHAR- 0771, 57. QAZI-1039,
10. FAKIR – 0312, 34. MAPILLA- 0807-Firqa, 58.QURAISHI / QURESHI-1040,
11. FULLMALI-0314, 35. MEHDAVIYA -0825-Firqa, 59. RANGREZ -1059,
12. GAVANDI- 0349, 36. MEMON-0832-Firqa, 60. SAJJADAS-1082,
13. GHAYARE – 0358, 37. MOGHAL-0844-Brotheri, 61. SALFI -1086-Firqa,
14. GOULI – 0384, 38. MOMIN- 0845-Firqa, 62. SATANI-1108,
15.GOUNDI - 0390, 39. MOUZAN-0848, 63. SHAIK- 1129-Brotheri,
16. GOVANDI – 0391, 40. MUJAVAR-0855, 64. SIKKALIGARA-1160,
17. HUTGAR/HUTKAR – 0465, 41. MULLA-0858, 65. SIPAAYI-1165,
18. IRANI - 0468-Firqa, 42. MUTAWALI-0869, 66. SONAR-1176,
19. JATGIR - 0492, 43. NADAF-0886, 67. SUNAR-1191,
20. JOHARI – 0507, 44. NALBANDA- 0903, 68. SUNNI -1192-Firqa,
21. JULOHI / JULAHI – 0510, 45. NAVAYAT-Firqa, 69. SYED-1201-Brotheri,
22. KALAIGAR- 0523, 46. OTARI-0952, 70. TAKANKAR -1206
23. KASAI -0583, 47. PATVEKARI-1005,  
24. KASBAN- 0585, 48. PATHAN-1006-Brotheri,  

Yours Sincerely,
Mohamood Khan
Wing Commander (Retd)
Vice-President and Coordinator
Coordinating Committee for Promotion of Urdu Teaching in the Institution of Karnataka. Bengaluru.
8 April 2015.

Internship IT Program for Mehdavis

Epicop offers a unique internship program for aspirants who want to build their careers in Information Technology industry. Our professionals has served IT industry for more than 10 years having worked with renowned companies which are known across the globe.
Based on our professional experience we have designed a unique program which offers real time working experience of IT industry by using standard methodology. We will provide required tools and guidance to all aspirants which will give them confidence to work on real time live projects.
This unique program is of 6 months duration. On successful completion of this program aspirants will be competent enough to get their desired job in top IT companies throughout the world.
This unique program is designed for aspirants irrespective of their academic background, gender and Age. Anybody who is willing to participate should have basic to intermediate knowledge of any of these below mention technologies.
  1. Dot net
  2. Java
  3. Java Script
  4. HTML 5
  5. CSS
  6. C++
Epicop will conduct monthly screen test to shortlist aspirants which will be part of this unique program and aspirants who fail to pass this screen test will be provided guidance to improve their knowledge and reappear for the screen test.
Interested aspirants should email their CV’s to asif@epicop.com and they will be notified about screen test program through emails.
Note: Interested contributors can help by donating laptops which will be used by aspirants throughout their internship program. Please feel free to contact through email asif@epicop.com
Jazak Allah
Syed Danish Aalam, Software Engineer,

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Kirgaval me Mushaira Ba Silsila-e-Jashn-e-Meelad-un-Nabi SAS Munaqad hai - 28 Mar 2015

  • Event: Mushaira Ba  Silsila-e-Jashn-e-Meelad-un-Nabi Sallelahu Alaihiwasallam
  • Date: 28 Mar 2015
  • Time: 09:00 pm onwards
  • Venue: Roshan Jamia Masjid, Kirgaval, Mandya District, Karnataka

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Meelad-e-Khatimain o Urs of Hz. Syed Mohammed Juanpuri Mehdi Maud AHS Scheduled on 28 Mar 2015 in Erode.

Erode - 25 Mar 2015: The Jamaath Committee of Erode, Pallipalyam, Bhavani and Karur, Mehdavia Dairas is Conducting Their 38’th Function of Meelad-e-Khatimain o Urs of Hz. Syed Mohammed Juanpuri Mehdi Maud AHS Scheduled on 28 Mar 2015 in Mehdavia Hazeera of Erode, Tamil Nadu. Insha Allah the program will start at 10:00 pm.

The organizers have invited the following Eminent Speakers and Murshideen to address the gathering, under the presidential address of 

  1. Maulana Maulvi Hazrath Mashayak Abid Khundmiri Saheb Qibla Channapatna.
  2. Hazrath Mashayak Syed Roshan Munaver Saheb
  3. Afzal Ul Ulema Hazrath Syed Thasin Aaha Khundmiri Channapatna
  4. Mashayak Syed Raj Mohammed Khundmiri Palacode
  5. Mashayak Syed Nisar Mehdi  - Pallipalyam
  6. Fakhir Janab Syed Ahmed @ Azghar Mia Of Panagudi
Alhaj Syed Mahmood Mehmood, Bhavani President Jamath Committee, will deliver the welcome address and Alhaj Syed Roshan Munaver of Bangalore will preside over the jalsa.

It is also reported that two important books on Mehdavia Aqaid will be released by Hz. Mualana Abid Khundmiri Saheb, viz;

  1. 'A Divine Journey From Jaunpur To Farah Mubarak'  by Mashayak Alhaj Roshan Munaver In English,Translated in Tamil By Alhaj Syed Mahmood Mehmoodi Bhavani.
  2. 'Tareekhatal Mehdavia' in Tamil by Fakir Syed Ahmed @ Azgharmiah of Panagudi.

Sad Demise of Mohotarma Tabassum Y Momin, a Mehdavi girl from Dayera e Chikodi.

Belgaum, March 24, 2015:This is to bring to your notice that an unfortunate victim Ms. Tabassum Y Momin, daughter of Yakoob Momin Bhai of Chikoodi, Belgaum  breathed her last today at 6pm at K.L.E hospital, Belgaum

She met with an accident at Chikkodi and was succumbed to severe head  injuries with lots of blood lost from her head, while she was travelling in an auto with her Mother and Brother who were going to attend a Bismillah khawani at Belgaum.All 3 were injured in the Truck-Auto collision. Ms. Tabassum was  struggling for life for 5 days, in the ICU.

إِنَّا لِلّهِ وَإِنَّـا إِلَيْهِ رَاجِعونَ‎

We the entire team of Mehdavia Times pray to Almighty Allah to give her Maghfirat and bless her Divine Vision, and Sabr  (patience) to her family and their near & dear ones and well wishers.

Team Mehdavia Times

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

An Urgent Appeal for Accident victim in Belgaum

Belgaum 23 Mar 2015 : An unfortunate accident occured at Chikkodi in Belgaum district where Ms. Tabassum Y. MOMIN a 17 year old girl was critically injured with lots of blood gone from her head.
She was travelling in an auto with her Mother who were going to attend a Bismillah khawani at belgaum. The critical victim is struggling for life since 5 days in ICU at K.L.E. Hospital, Belgaum. The estimated cost for her treatment is 4 LAKH as per doctors. As of now only 1 lakh 10 thousand has been collected with the help.of Allahdiya from her relatives.

The family of Ms. Tabassum comes from economically deprived.
People can get in touch with the below person to know about her progress status.
Musveer chawdari : Mob.9964403728

As you all know, MehdaviaTimes is continuously engaging in such projects where we can help our Musaddiqeen wa Musaddiqaat through such appeals, we humbly request our Musaddiqeens to give Allah diya contribution for the treatment of unfortunate victim in the accident.

Any contribution Small or Big will add value to a struggling life InshaAllah we will hear better news about the Victim.

So please do not forget to send Allah diya to this family in need.

Account details are as below:

A/c Name: Mehdavia Times Welfare Trust
A/c Number:0793101030500
IFSC Code: CNRB0000793
MICR Code: 560015075
Bank: Canara Bank
Branch: Nandidurga Road, Branch, Bangalore

Apeal Code:

Send payment details to mehdaviatimes@gmail.com

Please enter the Appeal Code in transaction reference remarks.

For any query on fund transfer, please get in touch with Bhai Inayath Ulla Khan +91 9886730997 or bhai Tausif D Sayyed +91 9004228007 or Bhai Khwaja Matte +91 9945577862

JazakAllah kheyr
Mehdavia Times Welfare Trust